Discover Scandinavia

The beauty of Scandinavia lies in its contrasts. From ultra-hip cities full of sleek design and world-class restaurants, to back-to-basics cabin living in some of the most epic natural landscapes in the world. From must-see urban destinations like Stockholm and Copenhagen, to must-be-seen-to-be-believed phenomenon like the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.

FINLAND | SWEDEN | NORWAY - 11 days, 10 nights

Be captivated by the sight of one of nature's most sublime works of art. For thousands of years, the neon glow of the aurora borealis has attracted the curiosity of people from all over the world. And you have the chance to see it for yourself.

DENMARK | SWEDEN | NORWAY | FINLAND - 13 days, 12 nights
Available for group departures

Get to know Scandinavia with all the beauty it has to offer. In 13 days you'll explore the heart of Northern Europe, seeing the beautiful Danish cities, the vast Swedish and Norwegian landscapes and the Finnish fjords.